‘We cannot pay October Allowances due to NABCO introduction’ – National Service Secretariat

nss allowance not paid
nss allowance not paid

‘We cannot pay September/October Allowances due to NABCO introduction’ – National Service Secretariat

A press release dated on October 22, 2018, from the National Service Secretariat stated clearly said, the 2018/2019 National Service Allowances for September will not be paid.

According to close sources, the reason for this declaration was that the Government of Ghana had diverted funds for September allowances to pay newly-recruited NABCO personnel.

We all recall clearly, during the beginning of 2017/2018, the President of the Republic, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo – Addo launched the Nation Builders’ Corps – a short introduced program to support unemployed graduates in the country.

NABCO, which raised numerous questions as to the sustainability of the program, its effectiveness and how dependent it could be to the Ghanaian Unemployed graduate – was testified by the opposition NDC government.

National Service personnel currently earn GHc559 per month after it was increased from the previous year’s figure of GHc350 by the previous Mahama led government.

nss allowance not paid
nss allowance not paid

The press release, which is being broadcasted through audio format stated..’ all affected immediate national service personnel is to remain patient and we urge them to co-operate with the staff of the Scheme. We had to take this timely decision to help our unemployed graduates’.

It will be recalled that the Payment of allowances to 2013/2014 National Service Personnel was suspended earlier that year to enable the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) undertake a thorough review of the NSS payment process.

A leading development and energy consultant, Alhaji Haruna Rashid Ibrahim, told African Eye Report that; “when one drills down and questions the assumptions that form the basis for NABCO, it becomes clear that NABCO  is just one more New Patriotic Party (NPP) government attention-grabbing initiative that scratches the surface but does not solve the core problem of graduate unemployment” in the country.

He noted that the erstwhile J.A. Kufuor government, which was also from the NPP tradition, had a litany of such programmes which implementation resulted in ineffective problem resolution.

Alhaji Ibrahim mentioned Metro Mass, School Feeding programme, National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS), Single Spine Salary, among others to support his argument.

“We all know what’s happening to the Free Senior High School (SHS) being implemented by the current government,” he added.

“For an unemployed graduate, the prospect of learning some new skills, expanding your network, and earning GHC700 a month is no-brainer. But is NABCO sustainable?”



  1. What kind of abnormal thinking is this government introducing to us how can someone go to work without transport and how can such a person work well why not suspending members of parliaments salary and that of the president as well as holding on to project and use such moneies to solve that problem if u think it’s normal I wonder why our political leaders fail to think . Ooo I see because non have never been jailed for failing to think rationally

  2. Fire burn you so called leaders of the country
    Nana Addo, Ghana’s president should cut his coat according to his cloth
    So many initiatives without even planning how to fulfil them
    Ministers are paid every month
    You are telling us to exercise patience
    Should we eat stone
    Condemn leadership
    Masa hunger is killing us oo

  3. the heads of various government institutions where national service personnels have been posted, should understand the pain and fustrations of personnels, if they cannot make it to work as a result of insufficient funds, of which they are not to be blamed for

  4. This I think should be a lie. Do u guys think God the Almighty sleeps? How Can someone work and his money will be paid to different person?

    Didn’t those under the nabco program did national security services and was paid?

    Since they need job, they should rather exercise patience than the poor guys who just exhausted their parents monies during the school days

  5. why are ministers also not placing a halt on their salary and allowances as a result of nabco? why should toung citizens who are almost forced or required by law to do national service the ones to bear the consequences of a political party’s ambition, goal or project?

  6. This is an call for, how can you decide to divert someone sweat to another person?
    I think the NSS should better think twice or it would not and I repeat, it would not be good for them.
    This is not done anywhere in the world, how can you taken this uncalled for decision to torment the poor service personnels?

    Note: if it is true that this information is coming from the NSS, hmmmm we would pause here.

  7. In fact they r punishing this service personnels, If our so call ministers really thinks about our mother Ghana , is time fr them to sacrifice their sitting alawa to help the poor NSS peoples,

  8. All of u are mad .. including everyone who made that decision .. I was expecting an apology for September delay and u telling us not even October’s pay .. look are this heartless people oo .. u know how to tell us to report 1st of September but u don’t know how to pay us abi

  9. With due respect our senior officers at Nss, please bear with us that some of us was sent out of our district to other district to our national service. we did not refuse because it was a call for service to our country.
    As we got to our various places, we used our hard earned money to rent room, our feeding and well being from our own pockets for two months awaiting to pick up our allowances and plan towards our stay for the remaining months of service.
    Please how on earth can you not think of all the suffering and hardship we are going through and yet still want to use moneis allocated for NSS instead to be given to NABCO. With due respect, where even that proposal was approved should be withdrawn because we have work almost two months tiredlessly for that allowance. NABCO should rather be patient while our allowance are being paid first. Oh please you guys should also think about this we and kind of put your self in our shoes and see how it hurts, there you will know we really deserve that allowances. Hope drastic measures will be taken with immidiate effect to withdraw that proposal to its rightful location to the NSS Personnels.

  10. U sit at the comfort of ur homes and u talk shit…The so called NABCO, Didnt they receive all their allowances when they were doing their National service or u gave us who were then in schools their allowances. Massa sleep again and think twice. This is the most silly talk i have ever heard in my life.

  11. Hmmmm asem ooo where on earth can this be told, even a blind person will not accept this, eiii NSS mpayinfo hmmmm, u cant do this to us please. Its unfair

  12. Nonfa talks they can’t think reasonabily not they can’t pay September/October nss personnels. Nkwasiasem akwakwa.why Ghana?

  13. Sometimes I wonder what’s wrong with leaders of today. If you don’t have money to pay ‘NABCO’ why do you even think of initiating it ? For th fame of menso ‘mayebi’ I don’t know if their children are taking ‘559 and Nonsense ‘. For me am waiting for THAT DAY! yes that day when the youth shall be fed up of these nonsense and then BOOM, MAYHEM.

  14. This is stupid decision, how can someone work and the payment will chennel to someone else.this can of lies won’t help u people. You shall paid for it in 2020. Incompetent Government.

  15. Really …why should it be national service personnels’ salary that are being used to fund NABCO.. when they clearly know that these personnels’ are unstable with respect to their finances… why are they not sacrificing their salaries….besides they end over billions in a month… this is complete selfishness… ..God is looking at u all….u will one day answer to him…..

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